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Whilst we may all try to be as careful as we possibly can when we are driving, accidents do happen and from time to time they are going to happen to you. It is important that during these times of stress that you do not begin to panic about getting repairs from a reputable auto-mobile company, and the other factors that are involved such as chiropractic sessions. If you have been involved in a car related accident in the area of Gloucester, then we are here for you to provide the accident repair, car body and mechanical Gloucester services you need to get your vehicle back on the road.


We understand that often different accidents require different kinds of repairs, and therefore we have a large list of services that we are able to provide our customers. From scratches, dents and stone chip damage to Car Resprays and Alloy Wheel refurbishment we know that we will have the right service for your particular situation. As a company we appreciate that not every accident is the same, and hence we need to be able to help with a whole multitude of different issuesa.
We also offer the option for the use of our Courtesey Car - subject to availability.


Available 24/7

Something else that we take into consideration is the fact that accidents are happening all of the time, and therefore we need to be there 24/7 to cater for people’s needs. Not only that, but we understand that it might not always be convenient to bring your vehicle to us, and for this reason we provide a recovery service that travels to you. 

Personal and professional

We do not want to cause more hassle on top of everything else that is associated with being in a car accident, and therefore when we meet customers, we are always considerate and respectful of the fact that everyone is different. Instead of giving you more to worry about we will take the time to thoroughly explain the situation to you, and give the best guidance we can provide completely free charge.
If you are in need of accident repair, car body and mechanical in Gloucester then we have everything that you need to get your vehicle back into perfect shape. If you are interested in getting a free quote call us on 01285 821130.
We also offer great service and car body repair to the trade covering the Gloucestershire area, call us to find how we can help you.



What you get

Multipoint Check

All serviced cars go through our multipoint check.


All parts come with a full warranty.

Car Back in no Time

Fast turn around on all accident and mechanical repairs.