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Accident Repairs.

Important Information if you have an accident..
Dont't let your Insurer bully you into using their repairer.                                                                                                                   Always remember, it's YOUR Vehicle and YOUR choice where you have it repaired.                                                                       The office of Fair Trading Association of British Insurers and Financial Services Authority all agree that; It's your right to choose who repairs your Vehicle.
As a Customer..                                                                                                                                                                                 YOU only need one estimate.                                                                                                                                                             YOU choose where the repairs to YOUR vehicle are carried out.                                                                                                     YOU, by law are entitled to hire a suitable replacement vehicle (subject to conditions).
                                                                                                                                                     It is unfortunate, but at one point or another you are going to find yourself in a situation where your vehicle needs accident repair or mechanical servicing. It can be down to a bump in the road that sends your car off course, or maybe a collision that results in a deep dent in the side of your car. Whatever the situation may be when it comes to something as important as your vehicle, it is crucial that you get the issue sorted by professionals in the auto-mobile repair industry.

Professionals at work.

When it comes to something as significant as your car, it is always a good idea to leave repairs and servicing in Stroud to those who have a lot of experience. We have been in the business of auto-mobile repairs for over 15 years, and in this time we have mastered our craft at giving a service that presents professionalism each and every time. Whilst it might be tempting to get your repairs done by a less experienced garage, as they may offer you cheaper rates, you need to consider if the cheaper prices are worth the possibility of the job not being done properly. Remember, that if something goes wrong with your car it can result in a serious accident, which could otherwise have been prevented.

Affordable and Worthwhile.

Many auto-mobile companies tend to charge extortionate prices for their services, which is simply unfair considering how much stress is already linked the event of a car accident already. We see that our customers are the most vital people when it comes to our services, and therefore we offer both affordable prices with a lot of value.
However aside from this we also offer a free quote on your vehicle as well as advice for any of our new and existing customers. We will try our best to help you to come to terms with what needs doing to repair your car, and how much you should be looking to spend.

Caring and Respectful.

As a company offering accident repair in Gloucester and Stroud and Mechanical repair we will never meet a customer without respecting that not only are they unique, but there situation is unique too. Whilst it may be a similar type of accident, we appreciate that not everyone has been in an accident before, or if they have and know what to expect. Hence, we will always make sure that you fully understand what needs to be done, and we promise to consistently provide the very best servicing imaginable.
We also appreciate that if you have invested money into a set of alloy wheels for your car, you are going to want to keep them looking as good as possible. For this reason we apply extra professionalism and care into our alloy wheel refurbishment service, to ensure that you are 100% pleased with the results and your wheels continue to stand out.


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We take care of every little detail to make sure you are completely satisfied with the end results.


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All serviced cars go through a multipoint check.
All parts come with a full warranty.
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